Since the end of the twentieth century dramatically increased the number of drugs used in medicine. In the creation and use of new drugs in the practice of medicine there was a huge need for such a science as clinical pharmacology. Rational use of drugs has been one of the major challenges in medicine. To properly address these issues, it was decided to teaching the subject of clinical pharmacology in medical schools. First teaching of clinical pharmacology as a subject in universities introduced academician K.M. Lakin in 1982.

In 1981, in Tashkent at the Tashkent State Medical Institute, at the initiative of Professor K.N. Nadzhimutdinova was a course of pharmacotherapy (Head of course – N.T Tulaganov) at the department of hospital therapy. But already in 1982, thanks to the initiative and organizational skills K.N. Nadzhimutdinov, and with the support of the Ministry of Health and the University administration has established the Department of Clinical Pharmacology. Head of its deservedly became a skilled teacher Professor K.N. Nadzhimutdinov.

Professor K.N. Nadzhimutdinov headed the department from 1982 to 1990. During this time he produced more than 10 candidates of medical sciences. During the formation of the subject of clinical pharmacology in Uzbekistan under the direction of Professor K.N. Nadzhimutdinov was prepared by a number of doctors, R.I. Usmanov, I.R. Mavlyanov, A.V. Yakubov, M.М. Karimov, P.S. Zufarov, L.T. Daminova etc. and dozens of candidates in clinical pharmacology, which subsequently led the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and continued to work on further development of the subject in the country.

Department of Clinical Pharmacology, organized in Tashkent State Medical Institute in 1982. The first head of the department, was elected            Professor K.N. Nadzhimutdinov.

1_opt (1)The Department:
Associate Professor N.G. Babaevа
Associate Professor R.I. Usmanov
Assistant, M.D. P.S. Katz
Assistant, M.D. N.A Ishmuhamedov
Assistant , M.D. B.R. Rustamov
Assistant, M.D. Sh.M. Muzrabekov
Assistant Z.F. Umarov
Senior laboratory A.H. Ashirmetov
Researcher I.R. Mavlyanov



3_optProfessor K.N. Nazhimutdinov                                Мedical resident A.V.Yakubov


Clinical intern P.S.Zufarov                                       Medical resident M.M.Karimov

In 1990, the medical school was divided into two separate and university professor. K.N. Nadzhimutdinov headed the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at the First Tashkent Medical Institute.

Department of Clinical Pharmacology of the first Tashkent Medical Institute Associate Professor 1996-2000, N.G. Babaeva

6_optThe Department:
Associate Professor P.S. Katz
Associate Professor Sh.M. Muzrabekov
Associate Professor R.K. Mahkamova
Assistant MD N.A. Ishmuhamedov
Assistant MD M.U. Musayev
Assistant MD Z.F. Umarov
Assistant MD A.D. Babikova
Assistant MD O.V. Lopatko
Assistant MD L.T. Mirvarisova
Assistant A.M. Tozhiev

In the Second Tashkent Medical Institute Department of Clinical Pharmacology headed by Prof.  R.I. Usmanov, who served in this position from 1990 to 1999.

The Department:
Associate Professor A.V. Yakubov
Associate Professor B.R. Rustamov
Associate Professor P.S. Zufarov
Associate Professor E.B. Zueva
Assistant MD J.F. Zokirov
Assistant L.R. Zhukova
Assistant Sh.A. Saidova
Assistant D.S. Akbarova
Assistant D.B. Pulatova
Assistant L.T. Mirvarisova
Assistant M.T. Zubaydullaeva


Department of Clinical Pharmacology of the 2nd Tashkent Medical Institute, the period 1999-2005 was headed by Professor A. V. Yakubov.

9_optThe Department:



te Professor P.S. Zufarov
Associate Professor E.B. Zueva
Assistant MD Sh.A. Saidova
Assistant MD D.S. Akbarova
Assistant MD D.B. Pulatova
Assistant MD A.K. Yakubov
Assistant MD L.J. Musaeva
Assistant E.V. Mostovaya
Assistant G.A. Assanova



Department of Clinical Pharmacology, First Tashkent Medical Institute 2000-2005, headed by Professor I.R. Mavlyanov.

 11_optThe Department:
Professor L.T. Daminova
Associate Professor P.S. Katz
Associate Professor Sh.M. Muzrabekov
Associate Professor R.K. Mahkamova
Assistants: G.P. Akbarova,
H.T. Nurmetov, N.C. Kassymov,
N.H. Tukhtaeva, A.K. Abdullaev, K.S. Asimova.


In connection with the merger of the First and Second medical institutions and the creation of two of the Academy of Medical Department of Clinical Pharmacology, also banded together to head the Department was appointed Professor A.V. Yakubov.


Today the Department has 9 staff members: head of the Department, 2 professors, 1 associate professors, 4 senior lecturers, 2 assistants.
The degree of qualification of the Department is 100%, including doctors of science – 3, whose average age is 51 years, candidates of science – 6, mean age 45.5 years.