Life and work of Mirza Babur is an example for young people

The event on the theme of the life and work of Mirzo Babur and his examples for young people organized by the staff of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and  the deputy of the dean of the Faculty of Medical Pedagogy and Folk medicine for Youth affairs and Spirituality and Enlightenment S. SH. Rustamova, was conducted in the presence of students living in the A and B blocks of 5th Dormitory.

An occasion enriched with presentations, videos, scenes describing that Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur has a special place in the culture, literature and poetry of the Middle East and he was great writer, poet, scholar, statesman and commander. Moreover, the students of the Dormitory showed their deep knowledge of Mirza Babur’s life and their pride and effort to follow with active participation.

Also participants reviewed writings about Babur such as Harold Lamb’s “Bobur, the Tiger”, Pirimkul Kadyrov’s “Starry Nights”.

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