Clinical work

The faculty of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology is actively involved in the discussion of issues of therapeutic and diagnostic nature, consultations, scientific seminars and conferences.

Responsible for medical work at Department of clinical pharmacology, is a senior lecturer Musaev L. J.
Department of Clinical Pharmacology carries out activities for the educational process, medical diagnostic and scientific research professors and teaching staff on the basis of the first branch of the pulmonary clinic TMA. Medical work of the department is aimed at improving the quality of examination and treatment of patients, the introduction of the scientific potential of the Academy and the department in general therapeutic work of the institution.
Plan a visit to the clinic consultation 1.2 the TMA staff of the Department of clinical pharmacology
Departments of 1,2 of the building – senior lecturer Saidova Shakhnoza Arhipovna
Departments of 8 of the building – senior lecturer Abdusamatova Dilorom Ziyaviddinov
Departments 9,12 of the building – senior lecturer Pulatova Durdona Bahodirova
Departments 6,14 of the building – assistant Aripdjanova Shakhlo Sardarovna
Department of intensine therapy and intensive care – – assistant professor
Akbarova D. S., senior lecturer Musaevа L. J.