Educational work

Purposes and problems of discipline
The purpose of training of the general clinical pharmacology – training of students in ability to use the received knowledge on pharmacodynamics, to pharmacokinetics, collateral action and interaction of medicines at patients for carrying out the most effective and safe pharmacotherapy.
Problems of clinical pharmacology – training of students in the following:
– to bases of the general clinical pharmacology;
– to knowledge of clinic-pharmacological characteristics of various groups of medicines;
– to the analysis of results of researches on pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of medicines;
– to choice of a necessary complex of researches for an assessment of efficiency and safety of carried-out therapy with concrete group of medicines and interpretations of the obtained data;
– to definition of an optimum mode of dispensing taking into account influence of a number of internal and external factors;
– to the accounting of collateral effects of medicines, forecasting of the last and correlation in case of their emergence;
– to the accounting of features of effect of medicines on a fruit and the newborn;
– to impart to students skills of pedagogical activity by training through a subject.

Spiritual and educational work

 Responsible for the spiritual and educational work at the department is the senior teacher Saidova Sh.A.

The department has a room “Marifat- manaviat ”, which is equipped with the state symbols of the Republic of Uzbekistan, manuals and periodical publications. The professors and teachers staff of the department actively participates in all the spiritual events of the faculty and the Academy.
Professor Yakubov A.V. and Zufarov P.S.; associate professor Akbarova D.S.; senior lecturers Saidova Sh.A., Pulatova D.B., Musaeva L.J., Abdusamatova D.Z. and assistants of the chair Pulatova N.I., Aripjanova Sh .from сonduct spiritual and educational work in the teaching groups of medical, medical-pedagogical, military faculties. Actively conduct seminars and lectures on spiritual and educational work in schools, colleges, mahallas.

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