The scientific conference was held

Employees of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and participants of SSS took an active part in the meeting of the student scientific society, held on March 26. At the meeting 6 works were presented:

Allamova Shakhlo, a student of 503 groups of the medical faculty, made a presentation on the topic: “The effect of VICTOSE on metabolic risk factors in patients with obesity” – scientific supervisor Art. teacher Saidova S.A .;

Samadova Dilobar, a student of 603 groups of the medical faculty, a report on “Evaluating the effectiveness of using immunostimulants in patients with COPD” – supervisor, senior lecturer Abdusamatova DZ, assistant Aripdzhanova Sh.S .;

Buriev Utkir, student of the 505 group of the medical faculty with the report: “Adherence of patients with COPD to treatment with inhaled anti-asthma drugs”, supervisor, senior lecturer Pulatova D.B. and assistant Pulatova N.I.

Hudaiberdiyeva Sayora, a student of the 501 group of the medical faculty with the report “Monitoring the side effects of antibacterial drugs” – supervisor, associate professor Akbarova DS and senior teacher Musayeva L.ZH;

Salikhov Bakhodir, a student of 503 groups of the medical-pedagogical faculty with the report “The step-by-step scheme of eradication therapy in peptic ulcer disease”, research supervisor Professor Zufarov PS

Allamova Shahlo took the honorable 2nd place.

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